ECLA maintains a list serve exclusively for ECLA members. The list serve’s primary purpose is to facilitate communication and networking among ECLA members.

If you are an ECLA member and want to be on the list serve but are not currently on it or if you would like to be removed from the list serve, please send your email address with subscribe or unsubscribe to list serve administrator.

If you would like to search the list serve archives you may do so by clicking here and logging in. If you have never logged in to the list serve archives before you will need to set up a password. This can be done by clicking on "Get Password" on the right hand side of the user interface.

The List Serve operates according to the following rules:

  1. Any ECLA member may use the list serve to send an email which deals with professional or ECLA concerns; list serve emails are not moderated or reviewed by an administrator before going out to the membership.
  2. To send an email to the list serve, simply put the list serve email address in the “TO” line. If you do not have the list serve email address, please contact the list serve administrator.
  3. Reply to only the person who sent the list serve email: hit the “Reply” option on your email tool bar;
  4. Reply to everyone on the list serve: hit the “Reply All” option on your email tool bar.
  5. Email content should be courteous, respectful and related to ECLA business or legal association matters (no personal emails, please)
  6. If you want to join the List Serve, but are not an ECLA member, JOIN ECLA TODAY!